Driving Strategy Execution through Strategy Focused Governance

Journal of Cost Management
How to make executive team strategy and performance review meetings more effective to drive performance improvement. Contact for copies.

Strategy Review Process

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How an organization structures its strategy review meetings has enormous impact on the effectiveness of its strategy management efforts. The frequency of meetings, participant roster, agenda format, whether or not to disseminate results companywide: such choices affect everything from the level of candor to the quality of the decision making. Drawing upon Balanced Scorecard Collaborative research, David P. Norton and Jay Weiser outline the guiding principles for ensuring an effective strategy review process, with examples of the diverse approaches taken at best-practice BSC organizations.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Review Meeting: What to Expect the First Year

Harvard Business Publishing Newsletters
For an organization’s leaders, periodic Balanced Scorecard strategy review meetings are where the ongoing process of strategic management really comes together. The insights and best practices described here help you start off on the right foot and enhance your strategy review meetings so your team remains focused on strategy execution and managing change.